Zoo Sculptures Galvanized

Shropshire sculptor Tim Roper was commissioned by Dudley Zoo to create variety of animals to line the approach from their new car park to the zoo entrance.  The five sculptured animals selected for the line up were a giraffe, orang-utan, sea lion (complete with bucket of fish), crocodile and a leaping tiger. Tim is shown balanced on his giraffe in one of the photographs (courtesy of Dudley Zoo).

Tim laboured on the animals for ten months and the giraffe is the largest sculpture he has ever created.  They are all crafted from mild steel plate and Tim decided that the best way to protect them from atmospheric corrosion was to have them hot dip galvanized.  The sculptures presented quite a galvanizing challenge, given their size (the giraffe is 15 feet tall) and the requirement for small and unseen venting and drainage holes.  It was no trouble for Hereford Galvanizers however who have been galvanizing all shapes and sizes of sculptures for 50 years.