Shropshire Powder Coaters

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Galvanizers Association

Hereford and Shropshire Galvanizers are members of the Galvanizers Association.  This is the trade association for galvanizers based in the UK and Ireland.

Zinco International

Zinco International is a sister company to Hereford Galvanizers.  Zinco International is a world leader in providing advanced technical services to the hot dip galvanizing industry.  Using our ZIP (Zinc Immersion Probe) services include kettle inspections and testing, molten zinc transfer and storage.

Quantum Group

Quantum Group is a division of Zinco International.  Quantum Group specialises in the supply of pre-treat process chemcials to the galvanizing industry, suspension and baling/tying annealed wire to the UK and Ireland.

Guide to buying gates

Click the link for a guide to specifying your gates.  What material should it be made from?  How should it be protected?  A guide created by the UK Galvanizers Association.


The Rural & Industrial Design & Buildings Association brings together the common aims of those involved in high quality, rural and industrial construction, following good practice in safety; with a very wide membership base; representing contractors, designers, colleges, surveyors, land agents, planners, manufacturers and clients.


European General Galvanizers Association (EGGA) is the industry organisation for Europe’s general galvanizing sector. It is a federation of the National Associations of most of the European Union Member States together with Norway and Turkey. These National Associations represent about 600 general galvanizing plants.


Intergalva is the exhibition and conference organised by EGGA and hosted by the Galvanizers Association. The conference covers technical, commercial and environmental topics for the hot dip galvanizing industry.