Texture options

Powder coating is applied to metal in a way that promotes a uniform, professional and continuous coating.

There are no brush marks and virtually no drips.  However, the standard smooth coating option is not for everyone and so we also offer a number of other powder coating textures/types.

Warm to touch.  A plastic powder coating that is usually much thicker than the standard polyester coatings.  Apart from good chemical resistance it also offers anti-slip characteristics.  The warm to touch name is due to the coating having good thermal insulation.  Ideal for handrails.

Antique.  For something a little different, metallic or ‘antique’ coatings tend to apply to the more decorative or sculptural market.  These coatings help give steel the precious metal or aged antique look.

Textured.  Powder coating is available with either a ‘ripple’ or ‘grainy’ texture.  An example of how this application is used is for gymnasium steelwork which is coated in this powder to help improve the users grip of the equipment.