Golden anniversary for Hereford Galvanizers

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Hereford Galvanizers.

The first Managing Director was Eric Beasey who, along with Archie Phillips, had the inspiration of setting the Company up in 1964. 50 years later and we are celebrating our golden anniversary year and are still going strong.

Legend has it that the Company originated when Archie Phillips, who owned a structural steel fabricator adjacent to where Hereford Galvanizers is now located, was fed up of having to wait for his steel to be galvanized and so decided he would set up his own plant. Eric was already in the galvanizing trade and so together these two entrepreneurs created the Company with a £50,000 bank loan. The fact that the loan was paid back in two years and the Company is still here after 50 is testimony to what an inspired idea it was.

As a coincidence, we are also celebrating 25 years of our sister plant, Shropshire Galvanizers, too. Back in 1988, Hereford Galvanizers leased an unused galvanizing plant in Ellesmere, Shropshire which eventually became Shropshire Galvanizers. In 1995 Shropshire Galvanizers was relocated to a green fields site in Oswestry and remains there to this day.

We are very proud and thankful that our Company has lasted through five decades of good times and quite a few recessions and I think that this is due to the people that have worked here over the years and also to our customers with whom we have had such a long and lasting relationship.

To celebrate, and by way of a thank you, we enjoyed a 50th birthday party for Hereford Galvanizers at the Left Bank in Hereford on the evening of 31st January with a mix of 120 employees and customers from past and present. This event was similar to an evening event held last year in Oswestry to commemorate 25 years of Shropshire Galvanizers.

Thanks to those that supported and attended the two events, everyone had a good time. Here’s a toast to the next 50 years!

Photograph courtesy of Hereford Times.