Hereford Galvanizers

Hereford Galvanizers has the larger of the two galvanizing baths within the group.

Our bath enables us to process long structural items of up to 15 – 16 metres or so.  With such a long galvanizing bath you would be forgiven for expecting us to focus purely on dipping larger structural sections.  In fact, we actually serve a wide variety of customers including many that fabricate smaller, more delicate blacksmith work including garden furniture and sculptures.   During our 50 years of galvanizing here in Hereford we have built an unrivalled reputation for hot dip galvanizing quality and service with blacksmiths, general fabricators and structural manufacturers alike.

We pride ourselves in offering the same high level of friendly and professional service whether you are a large structural steel fabricator or an individual with a few kilos of steel. Every customer is important to us.

Our loyal customer base is located over a large part of the country including the Midlands, Wales, the South West and the South East and our fleet of four articulated lorries make light work of delivering full steel loads over long distances.